Kika Shibata

Over 54 years of teaching Sogetsu Ikebana

Kimi “Kika” Shibata’s mission is to teach Ikebana still correctly, having her students experience “the Joy of Ikebana” and develop within her students the happiness that comes when loving one’s Ikebana.  Encouraging students to go outside the Ikebana classroom to expand their Ikebana experience and sharing it with other Ikebana schools and the community at large. Teaching Ikebana is something that has brought her much happiness doing what she loves.


In 2020, Kimi “Kika” Shibata celebrated 56 years of teaching Ikebana.  She was introduced to the art of flower arrangement at an early age of four in Kumamoto, Japan.  She was inspired by her mother, Mrs. Shoka Narimatsu.  After moving to the United States when she was in Junior High School, she continued studying under her mother.  She also went back to Japan regularly and studied under Ms. Kasumi Teshigahara, a descendent of the founder of the Sogetsu School.  During her training under Shoka Narimatsu, one of the original pioneers of Sogetsu Ikebana in the Bay Area, she assisted and translated for her mother.  This fortified her study and knowledge of Ikebana as well as enabled their audience to have a deeper appreciation and better learning and understanding of the art of Ikebana.  “Kika” Shibata holds regularly scheduled classes in San Jose, Milpitas, Campbell, Menlo Park, Sacramento, San Diego, Dallas, Phoenix, and Washington D.C.  She has taught special classes for children at the Tachibana Japanese Language school in Campbell.  Kika moved to Las Vegas in the Fall of 2016, view our Las Vegas classes and demonstrations in Las Vegas under schedule.